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As a speaker and educator, Toral loves sharing her knowledge and expertise with a live audience both in person and online. Sharing evidence-based science in a relatable way with practical tips for people to optimise their health, reduce the risk of disease and support their body and mind.

Talks and Workshops

Toral is an energetic and relatable speaker who is able to share scientific evidence as to why diet and lifestyle are important for our health and modern lives along with discussing food and health in the wider socio-economic and environmental landscape. She is able to speak confidently as a keynote speaker or participate knowledgeably in panel discussions.

A natural speaker, Toral has hosted workshops, talks and webinars, and supper clubs for a vast array of the industry's leading food and health brands such as Bioglan and Symprove.


Toral is a sought-after guest on podcasts focusing on a variety of topics including integrative health and medicine, nutrition, functional medicine and more.

She is passionate about health inequalities, particularly in cancer and has spoken at many conferences on this topic.

Toral loves to share her knowledge and passion for food, nutrition and science and is working with a range of brands.

She is also writing cancer and nutrition books and sharing her beautiful recipes.


Toral works with many cancer organisations including TrekstockWorld Cancer Research Fund and Penny Brohn UK amongst others and speaks at a range of events about breast cancer including nutrition and lifestyle evidence, health inequalities and her own breast cancer journey.

Past Talks & Workshops

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