Summer Solstice Yoga and Nutrition Day Retreat - Saturday 24th June 2017

Join Jonelle of Yankee Yoga and Toral of the Urban Kitchen for a Summer Solstice Yoga and Nutrition Day Retreat - Illuminate and Empower Day: 

11am - 5pm, Clapham Old Town

Join us to celebrate the Summer Solstice and New Moon with a day retreat to illuminate and empower mind, body, soul and spirit.  We will use food, movement, meditation and sound as a way to our expand our hearts.

Bringing together practices from the tantric, taoist & shamanic traditions the morning yoga practice will begin slowly with Qi Gong & Kundalini to open your body. Then we move into a warming Mandala Vinyasa flow, working towards heart opening and back bending peak poses, we will find our way to the heart and nourish both body and soul. 

We will then have a delicious and healthy lunch created by Toral followed by a talk and discussion of how to best nourish our bodies so we are happy and healthy. This will be followed by movement and manifestation. We will use the energy of the New Moon & Summer Solstice to plant seeds to manifest our hearts desires!                                 

The afternoon Yoga practice will be Yin accompanied with a Sound bath of Tibetan Singing Bowls & Gong. There will be Pranayama breathing techniques and a blissful heart chakra meditation.

The intention behind this workshop is to cultivate more love and compassion for ourselves by doing practices to strengthen the heart and ignite our own inner light & fire. When we create love, light & abundance on the inside we are more able extend these things to others. We will empower ourselves to call forth the things that we would like to create more of in our lives - love, abundance, happiness, freedom and peace.

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