Health Optimisation Party

Health is wealth, so they say. Knowing the status of your health gives you the opportunity to work on things that you might need to change or improve. Numerous studies show that it is more sustainable to make lifestyle and behavioural changes with the support of your friends and family. 

Our bespoke health optimisation parties are tailored for women, men or mixed group - up to 6 or 8 people at their home or for an extra fee, at my kitchen. 

This includes:

  • Individual blood test for each guest (with one of the top blood testing companies) with full results
  • Nutrition talk from Toral talking about health optimisation and common deficiencies based on the group
  • Banquet style meal tailored to suit dietary requirements and description of the benefits of each of the dishes.
  • Individual 30 minute telephone follow up with results 

Price - starting from £250 per person 

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