FORA RESTORE: Authenticity in Wellness

WELLNESS IS A $4.5 trillion industry and sadly, much of it is smokes and mirrors, rather than being fully transparent with what actually works to support health. With social media being a huge source of information for many people, where does authenticity fit into the picture? With photo editing becoming mainstream and often under qualified influencers becoming the font of all knowledge, this impacts how we feel about our bodies and health. Diet culture and patriarchy often impact how people show themselves and what they share about their routines. So how do we know what is authentic and what is not?

I’m pleased to be joining Fora in collaboration with Champs Consult to be discussing ‘Authenticity in Wellness’ with founder Ruth Cooper Dickson and Ban Hass next Tuesday 15th Sep evening at Fora Spitalfields. We’ll be discussing what authenticity is and how we can bring more to the wellness industry, along with what is missing from the conversation.

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