Cancer inequalities - where is the data? with Trekstock

We hear time and time again that there are stark differences in the experiences people have when diagnosed with cancer. We think it's time we unpacked why this is.

And so, in partnership with Trekstock, we are bringing together healthcare professionals, activists and policy change-makers to start the conversation, consider the biggest questions in cancer inequalities and discuss what needs to change.

We'll be asking:

  • Why is it that black women are almost twice as likely to be diagnosed with advanced breast cancer than white women?
  • Why are cancer patients from black and minority ethnic backgrounds less likely to receive follow-up screening?
  • Why are the trans community not offered any screening for cancers?
  • We all know that there are inequalities in the provision of care, but how deep-rooted is this? Does the experience differ across the country/hospitals/cancer type?


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