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When I first started cooking in the mid 90s, it was hard to find good quality Mexican products. Having travelled extensively in Latin America and enjoyed the unique taste of chillis, sauces and tortillas, I found it difficult to find the same quality of ingredients in London. However, at a cooking class at Divertimenti about 17 years ago, I was introduced to the London based Cool Chile Company and I have loved their products ever since.

I’m particularly enamoured by the Chipotle in Adobo, a smoked habanero chilli sauce, which I add to fresh salsas for a distinctly smoky taste as well as in many of my dishes. Check out my recipe for Low carb breakfast burritos using chipotle sauce here. Chillis have long been celebrated for their nutritional properties, and even as an aphrodisiac so I am always keen to incorporate them into my cooking.

Their corn tortillas are another staple of my kitchen cupboard, freshly made and totally gluten free, they are perfect for quick and healthy meals all year round. For those with a sweet tooth, the grated Mexican chocolate is essential for authentic and indulgent frothy hot chocolate.

You can find their products in various farmers markets and health food stores such as Wholefoods or by order directly online. They are always launching new products and have a wide range of gift boxes and cooking kits for the taco lover in your life.



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