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Rude Health is a company after my own heart. Their ethos of using only natural ingredients, nothing artificial or refined and “certainly not from a laboratory” is one that echoes my own. Like most people, I first encountered Rude Health in a health food store when I bought their muesli. They immediately stood out as bold and different in creating a tasty, healthy and stripped down muesli, in contrast to the sugar rich cereals available on the market.

Since then I have tried out all of their products! Their almond milk is a staple in my fridge, I am often found snacking on their multi-grain crackers and I am a huge fan of their sprouted flours, which I use for baking as well as in many of my other savoury dishes. For my recent supper club in aid of the The Haven, I even created a non-dairy miso caramel ice cream using Rude Health’s hazelnut milk and white miso from Clear Spring.

I’m a huge fan of Rude Health co-founder Nick and his rants. It is wonderful to have someone in the food industry that is so honest about their thoughts. Nick recently released his first book ‘Eat Right’, combining beautifully photographed and innovative recipes alongside informative descriptions about foodstuffs and their nutritional properties.

I’ve also had a lot of fun participating in the Rude Health , such as the porridge championships 2014, won by Adam Stansbury from Cover Fitness as well as recent workshop making sauerkraut alongside Nick.

I am excited to hear what Rude Health has planned next!



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