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Clearspring is an understated brand that creates wonderfully authentic and organic fine foods. I first came across Clearspring after attending a Japanese fusion cooking class about 17 years ago. As a student of nutrition, and specialising in breast cancer, their high quality miso and soya products were of great interest to me. Whilst the idea that soya can prevent breast cancer is inconclusive, studies have repeatedly shown that traditionally produced and fermented soya products are more beneficial in preventing breast cancer than commercially produced and processed soya foods. As well as having a higher nutritional value, this traditional fermentation process also leads to a more intense flavour.

I like that Clearspring is an ethical, environmentally sustainable and globally focused company. For me, this ticks all the boxes of how a company should be.

Their products are so versatile and therefore form the basis of so many of my dishes so it is important that they are of the highest quality. I have enjoyed experimenting with their miso and recently made miso, caramel and hazelnut ice cream as well as a shiitake mushroom, miso and barley soup. (Check out my recipe for the soup here).

Clearspring provides the staples of my store cupboard. Whether it is their organic fruit purées, which I serve to our clients with sweet protein pancakes, their roasted nut and seed bags, which are perfect for snacking on throughout the day and right through to their organic fine foods such as their cold pressed oils, Clearspring is always in my kitchen.



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