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Whilst I love lifting weights, I definitely enjoy the competitive nature of group classes. However, I often find that when trying new exercise classes, some instructors and seasoned participants make little effort to interact with you! This was not the case with F45. From the moment I walked through the doors of the studio in London Bridge, I was made to feel welcome by instructors and members alike.

My friend Carly of Project Hot B*tch had recommended the F45 experience to me and after just one class, I now understand why!

Rob Smyth, the owner of F45 Training London Bridge, came across Australian born F45 after researching fitness trends in Los Angeles and Sydney. After quickly realising its potential, Rob bought the franchise for the UK and opened the first studio in London in Autumn 2016.

Rob describes F45 as the most innovative, challenging and systemised team-training workout in the world. As well as being a great workout, it also differs from other popular exercise classes as its global philosophy is based on ‘accountability’. Unlike other group classes, there is a sense of unity and mutual respect. There are around 10-20 people in the class and two trainers who are quick to address you by name from the very first lesson. Throughout the class, everyone is partnered up, which encourages a sense of community support and allows regular attendees to help newbies. The F45 family also share nutrition and lifestyle tips and are always willing to offer individual advice.

Rob’s motto for the UK F45 is, ‘Preparation, consistency and determination’. Each day of the week for F45 features a different workout so you never get bored. Most use a mixture of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and strength exercises. It is a completely different style of workout to any that you would find at the gym. The classes mix CrossFit, traditional weight training and tabata or interval style training to give you the most efficient work out you can do in 45 minutes. There are different levels, which allows you to change the class to suit your individual needs and capabilities.

The classes attract a mixture of locals and those who have come from further afield who are either familiar with the F45 concept or are simply curious fitness fanatics. The diversity of the activities means that they are good for everyone, especially those who are finding it difficult to self motivate or achieve their optimum, as well as those who sometimes feel as if they do not have enough individual attention or support in group exercise classes.

Having made my New Year’s resolution ‘to take better care of myself and look after me’, I am excited that I have found an exercise class that combines my love of weights with aerobic fitness in a friendly and welcoming group setting.

I am looking forward to my next class this weekend!

Find their website here.

(The monthly price for unlimited attendance is £175 or twice a week for £135)



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