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Over the years I have become increasingly conscious of the issues surrounding sustainability in fishing. As a result, I always make sure to seek out fish and seafood that is not only fresh and high quality but has also been caught locally and sustainably. However, living in London and shopping at supermarkets can often make it difficult to guarantee this. I came across Fishbox at Olia Hercules fermentation supper club earlier this year and was curious to learn more.

I love finding new and innovative companies within the food industry and I was really drawn to the story behind Fishbox. Magnus, the brains behind Fishbox, started out as a motorcycle racer but after an accident forced him to change career he discovered his passion for fishing. Find out more about his story here.

As Magnus discovered more and more about the fishing industry and learnt about the incredible taste difference between fresh and supermarket bought fish, he realised he had to find a way to share this with others. He started Fishbox, a subscription service delivering boxes of fresh-from-the-boat fish from Scotland, to all around the U.K.

Fishbox is passionate about cutting down on food waste and refuses to disregard amazing fish just because it isn’t a commercial or familiar species. As a result, there are over 80 different seafood products that could feature in your box. This means that although you can choose from options of types of fish and give your preferences, the contents of your box will always be a surprise! Magnus hopes that this model will encourage people to eat sustainably and to enjoy whatever species is fresh and available.

Each box comes with recipe ideas and all fish is fully filleted, portioned and vacuum-packed- ready to cook, chill or freeze. The subscription options are flexible and you can choose from boxes priced between £25-45 to be delivered as a one off, weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Delivery is free and the recyclable boxes come equipped with a dry ice pack to guarantee they stay chilled and fresh on their journey.

I ordered a small box for a single person and received 8 different types of seafood including crab, scallops, smoked hake, sea trout, salmon, plaice, rock turbot and Shetland cod. The large variety really surprised me and gave me plenty of opportunity to create new dishes. So far, I've made a sesame salmon dish with spiralised carrot salad, a smoked hake paleo chowder and an Asian crab noodle salad amongst others. The freshness and quality make this product really standard out, particularly given that it's not that easy to get really fresh, seasonal and sustainable seafood in central London.

As a nutritional scientist, I encourage people to eat fish and seafood as it has so many health benefits, especially in cancer prevention due to high levels of omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin D. These boxes from Fishbox make it easy to eat fresh fish and I hope that this post has encouraged you to try them out too! Look out for my recipes on their website and I will soon post some on my blog too!

Fishbox has kindly given me a discount code for 50% off the price of your first subscription box, when you enter the code ‘UrbanKitchen1’.



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