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I’m a huge fan of creamy Greek yoghurt, strained yoghurt and labneh so am always looking for new ways in which to eat this. When we were growing up, the Indian sweet shrikand was always a firm favourite in our household so my mum made this for us quite often but with less sugar and plenty of cardamom. The best Greek yoghurt is naturally sweet so doesn’t need much additional sugar – I love Dorset Dairy Company yoghurt as it needs little else and gave a delicious finish to this dessert.

INGREDIENTS (serves 6 – 8 depending on size of ramekin)

500g thick or strained full fat Greek yoghurt

250ml whole milk

2 tsp ground cardamom

3 tbsp honey

4 leaves of gelatine


  1. Soak the gelatine leaves in cold water for 5 to 10 minutes, until softened.

  2. Heat the milk gently until it is simmering.

  3. Add the honey and softened gelatine leaves and bring back to heat, simmering and stirring until both are dissolved.

  4. In the meantime, drain any water left in the yoghurt and whisk until light and fluffy with the ground cardamon. I use my Kenwood chef.

  5. Allow the milk and gelatine mixture to cool until it is blood temperature.

  6. Once it is has cooled sufficiently, whisk into the cardamom yoghurt mixture.

  7. Spoon into ramekins and allow the mixture to set for at least 6 hours or overnight.

  8. Serve with fruit – I love this with roasted rhubarb or strawberries.

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