What The Health? was founded in early 2019 to provide a wellbeing panel event that discussed health in a more inclusive, diverse and honest way. Alongside my co-founder, healthy journalist Amy Abrahams, our aim is to provide a series of fun, inquisitive and positive health and wellbeing events that leave guests feeling inspired and motivated, and more able to tune out all the BS unhelpful ‘wellness’ information that can leave people feeling confused, guilty and sometimes insecure.

With my co-founder Amy Abrahams
The ‘wellness’ trend has a lot to answer for, not just by offering a limited aesthetic view of what health looks like (spoiler: it’s not simply a 23-year-old woman wearing £200 leggings while doing yoga on the beach!), but also by regularly promoting misinformation, so we seek to investigate health in a more authoritative context, with top experts, thoughtful questioning and a 360-degree approach to wellbeing that doesn’t just look at health as something physical, but focuses also on mental and social health too. 











Our first event: What is Health? with Louise Chunn and Jonelle Lewis

Social health is especially important to us, and community and kindness is vital to what we do - therefore our events are also friendly, age-diverse and encouraging of people to come alone and meet new friends. We also don’t think brains work well when hungry, which is why we provide delicious food for guests to enjoy before the panel starts! The panel also includes a workshop session, and all guests leave with a goodie bag to take home, too.






Our second event: Envy and Comparison with Lucy Sheridan and Michelle Elman.

Our five sold-out events have explored topics such as envy and comparison, self help and mental health, men’s wellbeing, sex and relationships, as well as more general discussions about what it means to be ‘healthy’. Previous guests have included: Shahroo Izadi, author of The Kindness Method; Rhik Samadder, journalist and author of I Never Said I Loved You; Chloe Brotheridge, hypnotherapist and author of The Anxiety Solution and Brave New Girl; Marianne Power, author of Help Me!; Louise Chunn, founder of welldoing.org, editor of Planet Mindful and former editor of magazines including Psychologies and Cosmopolitan; Dr Karen Gurney, clinical psychologist and author of Mind The Gap; Ian Marber, nutritionist and author of Man Food; Jonelle Lewis, yoga teacher; Lucy Sheridan, comparison coach, and Michelle Elman, body positive activist and author of Am I Ugly?.

What The Health? reaches a large and diverse crowd, both at our events and online through the combined social channels of our guests, plus Toral and myself. We are always looking for like-minded brands to sponsor the meal or provide items for goodie bags.

Previous collaborators have included: Merchant Gourmet; Lucy’s Dressings; Pic’s Peanut Butter; Antipodes; Everleaf Drinks; Jason Natural Care; OMG Matcha Tea; Sempimimi; Oh Lily; Ossa Organic and La Maison Wellness.

Do get in touch if you’d like to discuss more on whatthehealth@theurbankitchen.co.uk