Vision Express

Timebased Events reached out to me to cater for the launch of a new Vision Express contact lens. This pop-up spa in the flagship Vision Express location on Oxford Street invited press and some celebrities to stop in for a free eye test, a pampering spa treatment and a healthy lunch or supper.

We took this healthy brief on-board and in keeping with the theme decided to concentrate on foods that promote good eye health. All food and drink on the menu therefore contained high levels of lutein and zeaxanthin, antioxidants that are important in maintaining eye health. Foods that are high in these antioxidants include green leafy vegetables and those of yellow and orange colour. We also created two juices to order, ‘Bright Eyes’ (carrot, orange, mango and nectarine) and ‘Green Eyed God’ (spinach, apple, kiwi and lime). Check out the full menu below.


As with every event, this bespoke menu was uniquely tailored to the theme and product and in addition to providing the food, we provided two fantastic staff members from The Urban Kitchen to help with food preparation and service throughout the day.

Vision Express Menu