Testimonials and Reviews

Here's what our clients have to say about the food and service at the Urban Kitchen, including our consulting services and healthy event catering.

Jo McLaughlin, retired medical consultant, breast cancer survivor and one of my clients, wrote these lovely words below about her experiences with my services. 

"Toral was recommended to me for nutritional advice following my diagnosis and treatment for breast cancer. I was immediately impressed by her down to earth and succinct approach in explaining different options to my diet which would help me achieve a healthier diet and life style while dealing with the side effects of the treatments and medication. Taking into account my personal situation, she was able to provide information that was relevant to me, rather than offering a generic formula, with attention to detail and encouraging achievable goals. This was clearly based on a sound academic background combined with practical experience and empathy with my situation. Her great motivational skills have helped me move forward with a healthier and more optimistic lifestyle. I am grateful for her help and hope that others are able to benefit from her excellent advice and expert skills in the future."