Sample Menu

Here are some sample menus but we create bespoke menus that perfectly suit your needs and budget.


Menu 1 – Middle Eastern Delights
Levantine chicken OR Moorish meatballs
Aubergine and green bean salad with pomegranate dressing (v) (gluten, dairy-free)
Roast vegetable couscous with spicy harissa dressing (v) (dairy-free)
Moroccan chickpea salad (v) with feta
Menu 2 – Japanese Fusion
Ginger rice noodle salad with edamame, radish and chives
Miso and ginger salmon
Teriyaki chicken with spring onions
Crispy 5 spice tofu with dipping sauce
Menu 3 - Flavours of Japan
Sichimi chicken with cashew nuts
Seared wasabi salmon
Asparagus furikake (v)
Brown rice noodles with edamame, radishes and chive dressing (v)
Menu 4 – Entertaining in Summer
Rosemary, mustard and lemon chicken
Honey, mustard and lemon salmon fillets
Spinach, raspberry and pecan salad
Puy lentils with roast vegetables (and optional goat's cheese on side)
Menu 5 – Flavours of the East
Gingered chicken cakes with coriander dipping sauce 
Seared tuna salad with mango and green beans
Thai glass noodle salad with herb, lime and chilli dressing (v)
Crispy aubergine salad with spring onions and chilli (v)