Pam Lloyd PR: UK Shallot Show Case

The new harvest of UK shallots will be available from September onwards, hence this celebration of the start of the new season. The idea was to inspire people with ideas of how we can use shallots outside the traditional, slow cooking setting (not that there’s anything wrong with that!) 

A relaxed evening supper club showcasing fresh and healthy ways to use the new season of shallots. Guests invited were a mixture of food journalists and writers along with bloggers.  


  • Hosted the supper club and provided venue including all props 
  • Created a unique 4 course shallot-based menu including canapes – all original and bespoke recipes that had not been used before
  • Put together a bespoke talk on the nutrition benefits of shallots 
  • Social media posts on my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook 
  • Blog post on Uk Shallots on The Urban Kitchen

 UK Shallot Invitation

UK Shallots Canapes


Sesame Salmon with Shallot Dressing