Our Food

  • Nutrient dense, macro and micro-nutrient balanced, healthy, and tasty

The majority of meals which mostly people commonly eat from high street lunch options do not fulfil recommended daily allowances of vitamins, minerals and micronutrients. Many 'healthy' take away meals also do not balance your macronutrient requirements with your lifestyle – this means that you will be lacking in the protein, good fats or slow-release carbohydrates which your diet needs to cater for a busy lifestyle.

The Urban Kitchen takes pride in preparing food that is tailored to your needs exactly, yet tastes delicious. We believe that healthy food should never taste like 'diet' food.

  • Interesting and exciting

Our menu is hugely varied, made from seasonal ingredients and full of flavour. We use spices, herbs, and high quality food to satisfy taste buds and nourish your body and mind from the inside out.

Examples dishes for the bespoke plans include:

Spiced paprika fish with variety of low and high carb accompaniment such a Moroccan chickpea salad

Asian pigeon or guinea fowl salad

Chipotle beef, turkey and tofu burgers

The most interesting salads for vegetarians, vegans and omnivores alike.