Toral Shah - London Nutritional ConsultationToral offers one to one private nutrition consultations for anyone looking at optimising their health, performance and preventing disease. She will help tailor your lifestyle and diet to improve general wellbeing including improving gut and immune health, looking at how to reduce your risk of disease, to ensure that you are feeling your best and full of energy. Toral specialises in helping people to reduce their risk of chronic lifestyle diseases including cancer (as per WCRF recommendations), diabetes and heart disease,   by implementing lifestyle and nutrition changed. She offers full packages as well as one-off appointments.

As per the Association of Nutrition code and ethics, her consultations are personalised and all recommendations are evidence based; meaning all the advice and information is based on the current scientific consensus and considers new and emerging aspects of nutritional medicine.

Private consultations can be arranged at her space in SE1, close to London Bridge and the City or virtually where necessary. To pre-book your appointment, contact Toral via the contact form or to find out more, email 

The number of consultations necessary depends upon your individual health concerns although we suggest at least the initital consultation and a follow up appointment within 6 weeks of the initital appointment. If there is something that is outside Toral's scope of practice (as advised by AFN), she will refer you to another health professional.

Private consultations are quoted personally and are based upon an hourly rate. The health optimisation package includes the initial nutrition consultation, advanced blood tests and 3 follow up appointments to be taken within 6 months.