Healthy Canapes

 Make your event extra special with our beautifully designed healthy canapes.                                  
 (gluten free unless otherwise indicated)



Mini frittatas (df)

Cucumber canapés with feta, roast tomato and mint

Mini quinoa and sweet potato burgers (df)

Vietnamese summer rolls (vg)

Aubergine and pesto rolls

Spicy cajun wedges (df, vg)

Thai tofu salad cups (df, vg)

Paneer or tofu tikka on mini baked poppadums (df, vg)

Rosemary and polenta ‘chips’

Mini chipotle sweetcorn protein pancakes with guacamole (includes oats)

Spicy kimchi pancakes with vinegar soy dipping sauce



Fish (all dairy free)

Smoked salmon and green mango rolls

Sea trout ceviche cups

Honey and sesame prawn skewers

Wasabi tuna with avocado on rice cracker

Mini sweet potato and crab cakes

Blackened salmon on tostada

Tea smoked salmon and mango salad cups

Teriyaki salmon with ginger pickle in chicory cups

Mini potato rosti topped with smoked salmon

Kashmiri shrimp kebabs with ginger and coriander

Spicy fish cakes with coconut and coriander



Special spice Chicken satay with peanut sauce (df)

Balinese Beef satay with peanut sauce (df)

Chipotle chicken with mango salsa on baked tostada (df)

Chicken OR Salmon tikka on mini baked poppadoms

Gingered chicken cakes with mint dip (cakes df, yoghurt sauce)

Vietnamese minced chicken cups (df)

Pork larb in little gem cups (df)

Braesola, rocket and Parmesan rolls

Chipotle chicken with mango salsa on baked tostada (gf, df, )

Mini chipotle turkey burgers (df)

Moroccan lamb meatballs (df except sauce)

Mini lamb sheikh kebabs with mint raita (df except sauce)



Special selection (with supplements)


Tropical mango sushi (df, vg)

 Seasonal fish sashimi with lime, green tea and wasabi dressing (df)

Salmon sashimi with umeboshi plaum and yuzu (df)

Fresh lobster mango skewers with vanilla and chilli dressing (df)

Mini tuna burgers with wasabi crème fraiche (served with or without mini buns)


Rare Asian beef salad wraps

Mini beef burgers with tomato relish  (with or without buns)


 Sweet (choose 1 item)

Chocolate truffle cake

Orange and almond cake (df)

Chocolate and passion fruit bites (contains low levels of gluten)

Tropical fruit skewers (df, vg)

Raspberry and chilli quark mousse in chocolate cups



gf- gluten free

df – dairy free

v – vegetarian

vg - vegan



There will be a deposit payable on returnable items which will be refunded on receipt of these items.


Please contact us on 020 7378 8769 or for further information including prices.