Food and Nutrition Consultancy

Toral Shah provides food & nutrition consultancy for individuals, corporate organisations and top brands in the restaurant and fitness industry. Thankfully, we are all becoming much more aware of what we are eating.

It’s important to make sure that as a food company that you can provide nutritional values of what you are selling along with allergen information since the new laws came into effect in December 2014. A survey undertaken by the FSA shows that 85% of people believe that food vendors have a responsibility to provide this so that they can make better choices.

 Toral is a consultant for brands, cafes, restaurants, gyms, spas, retreats, food delivery and corporate companies providing:

recipe development
nutritional analysis of menus
creating and developing new healthy menus
nutrition guides and facts for staff and customers
advice on nutrition information for food labels
Toral can also provide a personalised nutritional consultation for individuals with one hour consultation and personalised menu & nutrition plan - from £85


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