Our founder, Toral, was diagnosed with breast cancer in her twenties. As a result, she holds several charities very close to her heart and works with them in various capacities.

World Cancer Research Fund

I am very excited to be one of the first ambassadors for WCRF and be supporting their 25th anniversary celebrations. I hugely committed to preventing cancer through nutrition and lifestyle choices and was thrilled to find WCRF which is the only charity worldwide to support and fund research into cancer prevention.

Breast Cancer Now

Breast Cancer Now is a collective of scientists, people affected by breast cancer and a multitude of dedicated supporters on a mission to do everything in their power to beat cancer. The charity focuses solely on researching innovative cures and influencing medical policy. Toral felt a deep connection with the charity’s medical focus and is both an ambassador and fundraiser for Breast Cancer Now.







The Haven

The Haven offers free support to people of all ages affected by cancer. Toral has a very personal connection with the charity as their own young women’s breast cancer support group in London helped her through her own diagnosis and recovery and some very lonely moments. The Haven offers emotional support such as therapy and counselling, as well as nutritional advice, exercise, classes and courses. Toral works as an ambassador and fundraiser for The Haven.