Thankfully, as consumers, we are all becoming much more aware of what we are eating.
However, there is a vast amount of information out there and it's easy for consumers and brands to get confused.

As an independent expert, Toral provides food and nutrition consultancy service to a vast portfolio of brands within the food and wellness industry. She works with a range of start-ups & larger corporate organisations and charities advising on the latest nutrition research, the science behind nutrition and foods and demystifying health and nutrition fads. 

Services for food and health brands including supplements, cafes, restaurants, gyms, spas, retreats, food delivery and corporate companies include:

  • Nutritional articles, blog and website content
  • Presentations on the latest scientific and nutrition research 
  • Social media content, recipe and nutritional advice
  • Social platform, cooking and nutritional film content
  • Recipe and menu development
  • Any literature, video and social content requiring evidence based facts and science demonstrating why your brand is healthy and nutritionally approved. 
  • Nutritional analysis of menus
  • Nutrition guides and training for staff and customers
  • Advice on nutrition information for food labels

See case studies for consultation with UK Shallots, UK Soil Association, Vision Express, and Sticky Bundits. 

View all Case Studies here. 

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