Borough Market Tours

Tour and Brunch class from 10.30am to 3.15pm 

(Including walking tour and private tastings, sumptuous brunch meal, complimentary mimosa cocktails and comprehensive handouts)

The Urban Kitchen - Borough market shopping tour & class

Once a month on Saturday morning, our head chef Toral takes a shopping tour of Southwark’s famous gourmet food market. Borough market comprises some 70 stalls selling fish, meat, vegetables, wine, cider, cheese, bread, coffee, cake and condiments. Here you can find an incredible selection of locally sourced produce, as well as little-known gems from the furthest corners of the earth.

Throughout the morning tour, Toral will introduce you to her favourite stalls, produce and market characters, who will encourage you to try their ingredients as well as giving you exclusive insight into how to select quality produce and what to look for.

During this interactive tour, Toral will help you select any items you may want, as well as purchasing all the ingredients required for the cooking class, before heading back into the kitchen to create and demonstrate a sumptuous brunch, which the group will share over morning cocktails.

Our Saturday workshops last 5 hours and include drinks and snacks throughout the day along with hands-on experience and a full meal.