Personal nutrition consultation

Toral is a nutritional scientist with an MSc in Nutritional Medicine, specialising in cancer prevention and diabetes management. She is talented at sifting through the latest evidence based research to provide practical support for changing your lifestyle to improve your health and wellbeing. Toral is also passionate about gut health and how this impacts our overall health and runs classes on how to improve gut health.

Toral provides personalised one to one consultation where she will help you improve your health and well-being, and help prevent disease. She will look at your current health and medical history by using a comprehensive initial consultation and in depth food diary. After the initial consultation, Toral will provide patients with bespoke advice and practical tips on how to improve health and wellbeing and reduce cancer and diabetes risk through nutrition, diet and lifestyle changes. She also looks at the psychological reasons behind your eating patterns. This bespoke plan often leads to fat loss and increase in lean muscle mass as well as improving vitality and energy levels.