Gut Health - why is this important?

2017 was the year of the gut and this continues. For thousands of years, most cultures have looked after their gut health by eating a variety of plant foods packed with fibre and fermented and live culture foods. As the industrial age came, society began eating more sugar and processed foods with more refined carbohydrates and higher levels of artificial sweeteners, antibiotics and other additives. 

This class helps you to understand the importance of managing gut health and improving your gut microbiome to help you optimise your health and mood and potentially help with weight management with use of delicious recipes and nutrition tips. We look at at IBS and other inflammatory gut conditions and why you might want to use an elimination diet such as the Low FODMAP diet for a short time under supervision to help improve any symptoms.

We also look at how your gut health may be linked to your overall health, and how we can increase the diversity of your gut microbiome which will improve your health. We will make some seasonal recipes for you to eat, and share other lifestyle tips that support gut health.

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