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Decolonising health, beauty and wellness - how to make health inclusive for all

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(Will go live on 3rd July) The shadow of colonial rule and imperialism looms large over the realm of health and medicine. Western scientific principles are hailed as the gold standard, often at the expense of diverse medical traditions. The focus on white male bodies in anatomy and clinical research has marginalized countless others. Health and beauty ideals, dictated by race and size, infiltrated medical paradigms through the contentious eugenics movement of the 19th to 20th centuries, leaving a legacy that both advances and undermines modern healthcare. The lingering shadows of historical practices cast a troubling pall over today's healthcare systems, leading to questionable metrics like body mass index and stark health disparities. For example, ethnic minority groups in the UK face alarmingly higher stillbirth rates compared to the general population. On one hand, we rely on established measures to guide us; on the other, these same measures perpetuate inequities that seem insurmountable. This course will educate you on recognising where health, beauty, wellness and medical ideals are based on colonisation with a focus on reconstructing knowledge systems whilst acknowledging and addressing the effects of colonial violence, racism, misogyny, and Eurocentrism.




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