March 22, 2017



Food delivery services apps have really taken off in the last couple of years, which means getting a takeaway in London has never been easier. I love using Just Eat as I find it easy to navigate, reliable and with a great selection of restaurants to order from. Getting food ordered in no longer means greasy Chinese or unhealthy pizzas as Just Eat has over 27,000 restaurants to choose from including healthy eateries and some of my favourite London restaurants. I live in Southwark and was excited to find such a wide selection of cuisine such as Turkish, Peruvian, Indonesian and even French food from Toulouse Lautrec. In the end, I plumped for Eat First for my first Just Eat order.

Eat First

I recently attended a food entrepreneurs event and heard more about Eat First From Rahul Parekh, the founder. Eat First is one of the options available on Just Eat and provides healthy meals and snacks created fresh by London based chefs. This immediately appealed to me as I love trying high quality healthy dishes but sometimes you just don't want to move from your desk or sofa and go to a restaurant!

There are a range of dishes available catering for different dietary requirements and all are reasonably priced. I ordered a number of different healthy dishes, including the Salmon Teriyaki, Korean Chicken Wings (baked not fried), Super Beef Protein Salad, the Winter Squash Salad and a green juice. Ordering using Just Eat was a quick process and I received 20% off as my order was over £30 but I was a little disappointed to see the estimated delivery time for Eat First was 75-100 minutes.

I received texts and emails from Just Eat to keep me updated and to confirm my order and delivery. My order ending up arriving after only 65 minutes, which was a happy surprise.

First impressions- I loved the minimalist packaging and most importantly, there were no leakages! The containers were compostable and the lids recyclable. The dishes also came with cards explaining the ingredients and dietary information.

The food- The beef in the Super Beef Salad was perfectly cooked as were the all the other elements but the dish seemed like it was created by throwing lots of superfoods together rather than by considering balance of flavours and textures. The salsa verde was also quite anchovy heavy and in my opinion, would have worked better with more basil and left a little chunky.

Likewise, I found the dressing in the Winter Squash Salad too sweet and felt it was seasoned enough. There was also far too much frisee lettuce and the squash was overcooked.

The Korean Chicken Wings were my favourite as I loved that they were baked not fried and the coating was perfectly spicy and tangy. I also enjoyed the green juice as it as an excellent balance of texture and flavours and wasn't bitter like many green juices I've sampled.

I saved the Salmon Teriyaki for the next day. It lasted well as it was only part cooked and I liked the accompanying teriyaki sauce. I would have liked to have seen more vegetables rather than white rice to make it a healthier option but generally well-cooked and tasty.

Overall, I thought the food was good and I am interested to see what different dishes are available on Eat First in the future. However, there were some things I didn't enjoy about the dishes (and the long estimated delivery time) so I may be more inclined to try out different restaurants on Just Eat in the future or just stick to my favourites.

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