January 14, 2016


It’s that time of year where media is full of New Year diets, resolutions, plans and advice and you feel guilty thinking about anything other than being healthy. The gyms are full of new people trying out new regimes and every magazine has the latest (fad?) diet. But is this enough to support change in well-intentioned people or can it be the complete opposite?

My new year’s resolution is to take better care of myself and make time for me. This isn’t just physical but taking care of my emotional and spiritual needs too. For me, this means putting myself, and my own goals first, yet at the same time understanding that giving makes me happy and makes me feel good. It’s about balance. I truly appreciate those people in my life who take the time to support me which in turns that I can be a better person.

So these are my thoughts on how we can help everyone achieve their New You!


Everyone has to start at the beginning when it comes to getting fit. Our bodies are constantly changing whether we’ve been training or not – the passage of time affects us all.

For those who complain about the gym ‘newbies’, don’t you remember when you first got started? Be compassionate – we don’t know others’ stories. We don’t know how many people are recovering from injury or illness, personal loss or lack of confidence and esteem. We don’t know if they were a professional sports person in the past. We don’t know if they are fighting issues that we know nothing about.

For me, the last couple of years have been tough getting back into exercise and getting fit. Breast cancer, having my knee rebuilt and starting a new business left me with a hugely different body. Activites which used to be previously easy, became hard. (When you’ve been in a wheelchair and on crutches for 6 months, learning to walk again is hard!)

Social media is full of twenty-somethings wearing very little and showing off their abs, particularly in the nutrition and well-being area. I felt like I had to compete despite being almost twice their age and almost bionic. I struggled to make any progress and was stuck!

Finding self-love, a network of wonderful women (not girls) in the fitness industry who didn’t take fitness scarily seriously but took the time to laugh and enjoy life and creating small goals with encouraging fitness professionals made a huge difference! (Eliza, Carly, Sophie, Melissa, Emma, Lucy, Kate and fEmpower – thank you).

Next week I’ll talk about #healthyeating

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