November 13, 2015

I like fusion food - this might be as I am a fusion myself, European and Asian with a slight detour to East Africa. But when I read about Bo Drake being Korean-Mexican, even I was bemused. So I got my homies together and trotted down to Soho. Loved the New York style exposed brick decor and steel pipes.

Firstly, if there are more than 6 of you, you can book in advance. Yay. We sat at a high bar table near the entrance where we could all chat. Well, if we could hear each other over the loud hip hop music. Don't get me wrong, the music was great - I wanted to jump onto the table and shake my thang but perhaps not the easiest for conversing when you are sitting by the speakers!

We ordered virtually everything on the menu as there were 6 of us. All the vegetarian dishes and all the smoked dishes with a few others thrown. The tuna sashimi was refreshing before the smoked dishes. Ribs were finger licking' good and the pulled pork melt in your mouth. Sweet potato fries are so crispy and delicious that we had to order them twice. This food works - both cuisines love barbecues, chilli and sweet savoury blends.

The desserts from the special were just amazing. We had a passionfruit creme brûlée. Not actually a brûlée at all as no crisp caramel top but delicious nonetheless. Soft serve sesame ice-cream is like gourmet sesame Mr Whippy. There was a new dessert but still needed a little work but the staff were so happy to have feedback so watch that space!

I would definitely go back - I just hope that they let me dance on the tables this time!

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