October 28, 2015



Just to note - I am reviewing the restaurant as a whole not just the food. When I go out to eat, the whole experience is important to me, not just the food. Don't get me wrong, the food is paramount but the whole point is to enjoy oneself.

Firstly, communication by email with the manager was rather frustrating. In one of the press releases, I had read that they were going to have a special vegan menu. As my guest was vegetarian, I emailed to double check that they would be able to do some vegetarian dishes for her as the menu on the website didn't show that there was much. After several emails back and forth, the manager said that they couldn't do any main meals other than tofu steak. Strike 1. This is London in 2015 - it's not a meat restaurant, so they really should offer some vegetarian main meals.

It's certainly not in the good part of King's Cross - it's further than you think from the station and easy to miss. It used to be a pub and definitely still feels like a pub with Japanese style heavy chairs. Staff, whilst friendly, just not clued up and seemed amateur. When we asked for the cocktail list, we were informed there were no cocktails. Again, we had read this in the press release. So we asked for fresh juices. But apparently these had finished? But surely that if they are fresh juices, they make these to order? Strike 2.

Eventually we ordered. I had no expectations by this point. Luckily my company was charming and we had much to discuss. So when the food arrived, I was more than pleasantly surprised. In fact, I was blown away with the taste and how beautifully it was plated. The truffled yellowtail carpaccio was succulent and fresh with the truffle adding a touch of richness. I had the most beautiful plate of sushi that I have ever eaten (I've never been to Japan) and with flavours to match. The Wazen salad (veg version) exquisite and all the vegetarian dishes whilst simple were well executed.

Don't come here for the atmosphere, don't come here for the cocktails but do come for food and sake.


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