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We've teamed up with fitness expert, Gym-Based Personal Trainer of the Year and Fitness Model of the Year, Adam Stansbury, founder of Cover Fitness.

We love Adam's holistic approach to health, focusing on his clients' Mindset, Lifestyle, Nutrition and Exercise to achieve optimum results. As well as blogging for us and providing our followers with free workouts and health and fitness tips, Adam will be working as an ambassador for The Urban Kitchen and training our director, Toral.

Welcome to my weekly section in the Urban Kitchen Newsletter! How did you get on with last week’s exercise the Single Leg RDL?

Today we are going to add in another unilateral movement called the Single-Arm Kneeling Landmine Press

What a Land mine, this sounds a bit aggressive!?

Not to worry I think the name comes from the shape of the base usually used as part of the kit for this exercise but don’t worry if you don’t have the correct kit, all you actually need is an Olympic bar and a corner in the gym somewhere.


There are a couple of reasons why this movement is so effective for increasing functional shoulder strength:

  • It prevents the trainee from being able to use their hips or lumbar spine in ‘cheating’ the weight up.
  • The shoulder is in a slight incline which is a more functional plane of movement and allows for improved posture whilst pressing.
  • Performed in a half kneeling position will help with active hip flexor stretching.
  • Increased core activation whilst in half kneeling position due to ‘anti-rotation’, as the body fights to remain upright during the movement.


  1. Engage the Core - Keep the spine in neutral by keeping the rib cage down and preventing lower back hyper extension, imagine a piece of string connecting the ribs to the hips, maintain the same length of that string throughout.
  2. Activate the Glutes – On the kneeling side as hard as you can, this will extend the hip forward and maintain body alignment.
  3. Stop the Elbow at the Midline – Don’t allow the elbow to move beyond the midline of your body at the bottom of the press, this will cause a forward tilt or ‘lurching’ of the scapula and taking humeral head and shoulder out of alignment.
  4. Perform half-kneeling – Kneeling leg on pressing side, to actively stretch the hip flexors and improve core stability


Last week we talked about supplementing with some good quality fish oil and a multi vitamin, this week we are going to think about exercise and movement. 


5 hours of exercise, I’m not sure I can do all that!?

Well let’s break it down first, I’m not saying perform 5 flat out high intensity sessions in one week, you should be looking to mix up your week of exercise with 3 moderate to high intensity sessions such as weight training, circuit training, sport specific events etc and 2 low intensity levels of activity such as walking, throwing Frisbee etc

This will ensure that you’re getting the body moving consistently throughout the week, keeping your metabolism stimulated, increasing your ‘Energy Out’ without pushing yourself too hard, this should allow you to adopt this habit into your life style alongside work and social commitments, in fact the activities might even make up some of your social commitments and even your work commitments if you own a stand up desk or play golf with your boss!

I hope you’re enjoying the newsletter, I’d love to get your feedback and if you’re interested in joining my mailing list, then head over to www.coverfitness.co.uk and when you sign up I’ll send you my FREE report ‘The 5 Habits of Highly Effective Sleepers’.

If you have any burning questions you want answered then just email the Urban Kitchen and I’ll tackle them each week. Until next week.

Stay Consistent and Be Committed


Next week: Back to the Lower Body

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