Incline Dumbbell Rows and protein rich breakfasts

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We've teamed up with fitness expert, Gym-Based Personal Trainer of the Year and WBFF London Fitness Model of the Year, Adam Stansbury, founder of Cover Fitness.
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We love Adam's holistic approach to health, focusing on his clients' Mindset, Lifestyle, Nutrition and Exercise to achieve optimum results. As well as blogging for us and providing our followers with free workouts and health and fitness tips, Adam will be working as an ambassador for The Urban Kitchen and training our director, Toral.
Last week we had the Dumbbell Split Squat, so the second exercise to add to this four part series is...
  • This Week’s Exercise – Incline Dumbbell Row.


The Incline Dumbbell Row is a very effective exercise for improving back development and has the added benefit over the one arm dumbbell row and the barbell row in that you’re full supported on a bench and therefore there is less room for poor technique which could lead to injury or a lack of support in the lower back.


As this is more of a horizontal rowing movement, the middle back and the scapula shoulder stabilisers are the primary movers, so it is perfect for people who find themselves needing to improve their posture sitting at desks all day and it also provides the trainee with the ability to alter the incline on the bench as a form of progression in later sessions.

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1. Set an adjustable bench approximately at a 45 degree incline.

2. Lie on the bench with your chest against it for support with your head and neck over the top.

3. Hold two dumbbells with a neutral grip (palms facing in)

4. Row the dumbbells using a pulling the movement from your elbows, focussing on contracting your middle back muscles at the top as far as you can go.

5. Then slowly lower the dumbbells until your arms are fully extended, ensuring a full range of movement.

  • This Weeks Habit

As with any goal in life it’s extremely important to not only set long term or outcome goals but to set more regular daily behavioural goals and habits. These may seem very simple and they are, but it is the simple things performed consistently every day over a longer period of time that will help you achieve your target.

How did you get on with last weeks habit of Eating Mostly Whole Foods?

This week the habit I’d like you to try and adopt is the following habit, ticking off the circles each morning:

health and fitness tips

Why do I need to eat a protein rich breakfast?

There’s been many articles written on the whether breakfast is as important as we we’ve been led to believe and for some people they can’t leave the house without eating and others prefer to eat later in the morning but one thing studies have shown is that eating a high protein breakfast first thing in the morning stabilises blood sugar throughout the day and will have a big impact on your metabolism and how consistent you’re able to stick with your plan.

So if fat loss and weight control are your main goals then stabilising your blood sugar is a must, you’ll get a longer more sustained release of energy and your metabolism will become more effective at helping you to shed those unwanted extra pounds.

If you’re vegan or vegetarian then I suggest a nutrient dense smoothie or soup first thing in the morning made with a plant based protein powder.

If you have any burning questions you want answered then just email the Urban Kitchen and I’ll tackle them each week.

Stay Consistent and Be Committed


Next week’s exercise is: The Standing Dumbbell Press


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