July 30, 2014



By Healthy Living London

London is seeing a new trend develop this year and it’s all off the back of a rise in time-poor, increasingly health-conscious city workers. No, it’s not 20 minute HIIT sessions (that was last year, silly) and it’s not going sugar-free (but it is food related) but it is meal delivery services. That’s right, think Meals on Wheels but with the addition of better service, better quality of food, better variety…in fact, better everything.

As busy Londoners are beginning to understand more about nutrition, fueling their body and the importance of health (did you know approximately 70% of a healthy body is determined by what you eat and 30% is by the exercise you do), more and more are slowly starting to value quality over quantity and cost.

Healthy Living London’s main aim is to get more Londoners reconsidering how they treat their body and we are big supporters of making good health choices more accessible. And meal delivery services do just that. Just look at the benefits we discovered…


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The Benefits of Meal Delivery Services

You won’t end up eating something you’ll regret

We’ve all done it – we ate that chocolate bar or bag of crisps and then wished we hadn’t. This wouldn’t be a problem if this were an occasional occurrence but for many its something that happens every day. And once you’ve gulped it down, that’s it. With meals being delivered just before lunch, you’ve got less chance of getting hungry and making impulse (and often bad) decisions. There’s no need to sidle towards the chocolate bar as delicious food is there and waiting for you. And, with all meals being nutritionally balanced, they’ll keep you feeling fuller, thus reducing cravings for things that you know will make you feel like sh**.

You’ll save time

How often have you sat at your desk thinking ‘I’ll get something for lunch just after I’ve done this email?’ and suddenly it’s 2 hours later and you’re starving and it’s time for an afternoon of meetings. If you’ve got a canteen, you run down, only to realise that lunchtime is over and they’re clearing up. So you pop out and head to the nearest shop whereby you stand indecisively for a few seconds before grabbing the nearest sandwich. Sadly, this sandwich has been made the night before and is looking slightly sorry for itself. You eat without tasting it (which is probably a good thing). The great thing about meal delivery services is that meals arrive at your door so even if you’ve got a tight deadline and you are literally tied to your desk or locked in a meeting, you can still eat good food, even if it is in front of your computer (which we most definitely do not recommend but sometimes it just is that way and we’d rather you ate good food in front of your laptop than none at all or something full of sugar).

Meal delivery services are also perfect for those who envy those with the time and skills to make something the night before. This is even better!


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You’ll be eating the right things

Meal delivery services often cater to a certain audience – those who want to be the healthiest they can be (regardless of how many hours they work or if they can or cannot cook)  - and so you can guarantee that on your plate you’ll see the optimal amount of protein, fats and carbohydrates. 

You’ll be eating fresh food

That’s right, there will be no preservatives or dying sandwiches entering your body. Each delivery service is different so make sure you pick one that makes their meals on the morning of delivery but trust us, there’s nothing quite like a freshly made perky salad with warm burgers.

Others will be jealous

This may or may not be a good thing. On one hand, you may inspire your colleagues to think more about what they’re eating (you could become meal delivery service buddies!) but on the other, you may have to guard your food as stray forks may loiter by your desk… Especially as meals can often look rather tempting with their range of colour, mouth-watering scent and restaurant-style presentation.


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You’ll save money and live longer

By eating more veg, studies show that you’ll live longer (no matter your age) and will lower your risk of cancer and heart disease* thus saving you money for any medical treatment you may need. See, by investing in your health now, you’ll optimize the rest of your years, without compromising on taste!

It’ll make you feel GREAT

It’s a fact that eating well makes you feel amazing. Why? Because you’ll look better, you’ll increase the likelihood of having better skin, you’ll be motivated to exercise more, you’ll shun junk food and you may even decide to experiment more with cooking deliciously healthy food at home. If you’re looking to kickstart a healthier lifestyle, meal delivery services are the first step. ‘Nuff said.

It’s a bit like having your own personal nutritionist

Go to a nutritionist and you’ll pay £100 for an hour or so before telling you to do a, b and c. Use a meal delivery service that provides bespoke meals and (if they’re one of the good ones) they’ll set you up with a consultation with a nutritionist to work out your exact dietary requirements. Right down to the last gram. It’s a practical service for those who want to see results without having to think too much about it.

If you’re time-poor, keen to improve your health and how you feel about yourself, not compromise on quality and taste of what you eat and are into sensible eating over fad diets, then it’s time you did something about it. Isn’t it? And here’s the best place to start.

Healthy Living London is an online magazine whose purpose is to provide busy Londoners with how-to, practical advice, making it easier to integrate optimal health into a city lifestyle. We also showcase trusted, independent health, fitness and nutrition companies who put customers and quality first in everything they do. 



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