July 21, 2014



Last week The Urban Kitchen girls were invited to try a hydro cycling workout with the lovely people at Aqua Allure. 

Aqua Allure are an underwater cycling company based in West London aiming to introduce a form of low-resistance, cellulite-busting exercise to the UK which is already extremely popular in France.

Hydro cycling is an extremely low impact form of exercise. It burns calories gently using the natural support of the water to prevent pain in joints and muscles. Exercising in the swimming pool also has the added benefit of keeping your body nice and cool - no more sweating over the exercise equipment. For these reasons, hydro cycling is an excellent way for people who are overweight, pregnant or unused to exercise to get moving. 

However the main reason why The Urban Kitchen were keen to try out this particular exercise class is because the movement of the water against the body during exercise acts like a lymphatic massage that reduces cellulite and water retention by stimulating fatty cells and triggering blood flow. 

The class started with adjusting the bikes and lowering the pool biking equipment into the water. After that, the physical activity is non-stop. We were constantly reminded by the instructor not to stop pedalling and were guided through a series of positions on the bike from standing or cycling with one leg to different arm movements. 

What was most apparent was how much easier certain exercises seemed underwater than they would be in a normal spin class. The support of the water meant we could pedal in a standing position for a much longer time and tone our legs and butt muscles without straining the knee muscles. 

Finally, we couldn't get over how refreshing hydro cycling is! It really is like having a massage while you're working out and a brilliantly gentle way to get moving.

Thanks guys for a great session and we hope to see you soon!


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 For more information about AquaAllure hydro cycling classes, click here.</

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