Hydrating summer ice lollies recipe

Posted on July 18, 2014 by Toral Shah | 0 Comments

You don't just have to drink water to stay hydrated in summer - you can eat it too. Lots of delicious fruits and vegetables contain more than 90% water. Try our cooling summer ice lollies packed with Vitamin C, bursting with flavour and just as good for you, if not better, than a glass of water.

This recipe fills a 6 lolly mould with 4 cucumber and lime lollies and 2 strawberries. The quantities can be adjusted according to the size of your moulds and how much you like cucumber and strawberry. Enjoy!

Cucumber, lime and mint ice lollies


1/4 cucumber, diced

15 mint leaves

zest and juice of 1 lime

water as required

10g sugar



1. Boil 100ml water with sugar and mint leaves for 5 minutes. Leave to infuse for 5 minutes. Save a few mint leaves for garnish.

2. Squeeze in the lime juice and add zest.

3. Add the cucumber to the lolly mould and top with the infusion.

4. Add water if required to reach the top of the moulds.

5. Freeze until set.



Fresh strawberry ice lollies



20 strawberries

sparkling water as required



1. Blend the strawberries and add to the lolly moulds.

2. Top up with sparkling water if required.

3. Freeze until set.


So simple, so refreshing!





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