How to eat healthily on the go!

Posted on June 19, 2014 by Toral Shah | 0 Comments

 healthy eating on the go

Ever found yourself reaching hurriedly for a ready made supermarket sandwich during a busy lunch break? Or worse, skipping your lunch altogether and binging on fried foods, unhealthy snacks and carbohydrates in a bid to satisfy your hunger pangs?

Healthy eating on the go is something we've all struggled with. Convenience is something we prioritise in our modern diets, and we often forego a healthy, nutritious diet option in favour of a quick fix.

However, eating healthily on the go is much easier than you might think - it's all about the planning.

Skipping meals is often a fast track to bad diet choices and ultimately, health or weight problems. A study by has found that people who skip breakfast are more likely to binge on unhealthy snack foods which give them a quick fix of energy but leave them feeling lethargic and more hungry in the long term. 

The study found that skipping breakfast can lead to eating 40% to 55% more junk food such as sweets and soft drinks, and breakfast skippers are less likely to eat fruit and vegetables which would leave them feeling fuller and more energised for longer. High protein breakfasts were found to encourage less snacking and participants in the diet study given a high protein breakfast consumed less calories throughout the rest of the day.

So how do you maintain a healthy, nutritional diet on a busy schedule?

Planning meals in advance is the key way to make sure your body is getting the macro and micro nutrients it needs and avoid over or under eating. 

Try planning your diet and meals at the start of each week and buying the ingredients online. Alternatively, our bespoke meal plans are tailored to your individual diet needs and goals. We then prepare your delicious meals in our kitchen and deliver them to you the same day.

Eating regularly is also very important to avoid letting hunger get the better of your carefully planned diet. It's advisable to carry snacks with you that provide slow releasing energy between meals and stay hydrated.

Ultimately, what foods you eat and when you eat them is a vital to maintain a healthy lifestyle and achieve your long term fitness goals. 





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