June 18, 2014



It's Wednesday again, which means we've reached that point in the week where energy levels are at their lowest and it's most difficult to put our heads down at work or stick to that diet. We know that all we have to do is get over that Wednesday hump and it's smooth sailing to the weekend. Yet that midweek slump can be pretty hard to beat.

Once again, nutrition and diet has the answer (sorry guys, it's not reaching for the vino or a quick but temporary caffeine fix). Eating the right foods can do wonders for your energy levels. Try adding these nutrient-rich foods to a healthy diet to help maintain your energy levels throughout the week. What's more, adding these energising foods to your weekly diet plan will stop you craving those quick-fix unhealthy snacks that will inevitably leave you devoid of that much-needed fight to beat Humpday for good.


1. Oats

high energy diet

Oats are extremely high in both soluble and insoluble fibres, which means this wonder cereal will not only leave you feeling fuller and more energised for longer but reduces blood pressure and cholesterol and regulates bowel function. Start your day with a bowl of porridge or add a handful of raw oats to your morning smoothie for an energy high that will last well into your day.


2. Lentils

high energy diet

Lentils are cheap, versatile, tasty, colourful and packed to bursting with slow-releasing energy. Brighten up your meals and make lentils a staple diet replacement for pasta and potatoes. Lentils are also rich in fibre like oats and a vital protein source for vegetarians.


3. Lean proteins

energy boosting foods

Lean proteins like salmon or green, leafy vegetables are packed with amino acids which are essential for repairing tissue, enhancing brain function and balancing blood sugar levels. Make sure your diet is rich in lean protein to make it through the week without a Humpday struggle. Snacking on lean protein also helps beat those midweek cravings for unhealthy snacks.


4. Raw nuts

energy boosting foods

Not only are raw nuts brilliant energy boosting foods, but nuts have heaps of other health benefits. Every nut also provides something different, kind of like having their own personalities, so can be tailored to fit different dietary requirements. For instance, almonds contain lots of vitamin E for healthy skin and hair, brazil nuts provide selenium which boosts thyroid functions and the immune system, and walnuts are very high in omega 3 fatty acid which hugely reduces cholesterol.


5. Sweet potato

energy boosting diet

Sweet potato is a delicious complex carbohydrate which is high in vitamin C as well as having almost twice as much fibre as other varieties of potato. The orange energy food also contains high levels of beta carotene, a powerful antioxidant.

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