January 17, 2014


I know, it’s January, dark, cold and rainy. On top of that we’ve all decided to be healthy and are working extra hard at the gym and on being good! It all feels rather like hard work and boring! But why is treating our body with the respect it deserves and fuelling it with the nutrition it needs seen as a punishment? This is the question that I ask myself.


After 12 sets of major surgery, beating breast cancer and having my knee rebuilt (which involved 5 months in a wheelchair), I was just fed up and cross with my body. Despite years of training hard and eating clean, I felt let down and stopped respecting my body and its needs. I began to comfort eat and skip gym sessions and I soon put on weight, felt tired and stressed. At the same time, I was launching the Urban Kitchen – the healthy gourmet lifestyle and super busy on top of everything else. How could I advise others of the healthy way to live when I didn’t have any integrity around living this way myself?


As I began to become aware of what I had been doing to my body, I began to see how much negative self-talk I had around myself, my body in particular. But this body is the one that I have and it has survived cancer. I may be somewhat bionic (with a reconstructed knee and breast) but I’m still lucky enough to be here. Something in my diet and lifestyle prevented my huge tumour from spreading all over my body.  My body should be celebrated and treated with respect that it deserves – my immune system saved my life.


To celebrate this amazing body, I have taken on the Urban Kitchen food and fitness platinum program myself. Over the next few weeks, I look forward to showing you the results of eating clean and training smartly. I’m having 3 bespoke meals packed full of protein, super foods and nutrients and one protein snack along with gallons of water and herbal tea. The plan includes 2 personal training sessions a week with Jo from Creative Fit UK, (http://www.creativefituk.com/about) who understands the individual needs of each person’s body.


Already in two weeks, I am looking trimmer and can now run 2km which I haven’t been able to since my knee injury. I have a goal of completing the London Triathlon at a personal best time. It’s on my birthday in August this year so only 6 and half months to go. I am so committed to travelling this journey with you and sharing a healthy, gourmet lifestyle!


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