March 23, 2016

Having had breast cancer in my 20s, I still require regular check ups at The Royal Marsden in Chelsea, as there is a relatively high risk that my cancer may reoccur. After being prodded and poked, I have made it somewhat of a routine to walk down the King’s Road afterwards and check out all my favourite home and food stores.

Last summer, during my usual ritual I stopped at a grocer on the King’s Road, which is where I first discovered The Foraging Fox Beetroot Ketchup. I was instantly drawn to the idea of a healthier ketchup, made with beetroot and much less sugar as well as the vibrant colour and eye catching branding. I enjoyed it all throughout BBQ season, as a great accompaniment to the healthy burgers (both meat and plant based) we make at The Urban Kitchen as well as with salads and sweet potato fries.

I then got in contact with the team behind The Foraging Fox to find out more about their story. Frankie, the founder told me she had invented beetroot ketchup whilst experimenting in the kitchen with her children as they had a glut of beetroots and apples one season. This story made me appreciate the ketchup even more! I love the idea of playing around with conventional dishes and sides and trying out new combinations in order to cut down on food waste.

The Foraging Fox is available online as well as at stockists across Britain.

Check out their website here.

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