I went to a morning rave and liked it

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Daybreaker London morning rave

I don't know what I was expecting from Tuesday's Daybreaker session - a room full of annoyingly chirpy hipsters sipping smoothies in jazzy leggings, probably. 

7am work outs are great way to start the day. Exercising early in the morning has the advantages of making you feel more energetic for the rest of the day and being more likely to continue with an exercise programme - after all there's nothing like a long, tiring day at work to help you make excuses.

But a morning rave in a Shoreditch nightclub from 7am to 9am on a Tuesday is slightly different to forcing yourself out of bed to the gym and going through the motions of a tried and tested workout.

At 6.30am I left the house and cycled to The Hoxton Pony, probably still groggily slipping in and out of the night's dream (it was about hipsters in jazzy leggings).

Arriving at a night club I remember frequenting in my student days, I was met by the sound of disco music and a sea of hipsters in a brightly coloured fusion of workout, office and summery clothing, all doing some very quick yoga poses in time to the beat.

This, I learned later, is called 'Voga,' a combination of Yoga and Vogueing (yep, that style of dancing made famous by Madonna in the eighties). I stood nervously on the sidelines for a moment and perused the table of free porridge, juice, tea and coffee, then got stuck in. That's me in the photo on the right, getting properly into it.

Voga is amazing. In the surroundings of a dark nightclub with purple mood lighting it felt like we were all doing a dance routine in unison rather than working out at 7am. After the yoga had finished, the DJ started playing house music and we all started awkwardly shuffling on the dance floor or filling up on coffee and porridge. 

By 8.30am most people were dancing. I left for work and spent a particularly sweaty twenty minutes on the tube but with an enormous smile on my face. 

Would I go to a morning rave again? Perhaps, but I'm much more likely to catch another Voga class - everyone should try it, it really is the most fun exercise class I've done in ages, so watch this space!

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